Early Summer Window Tint Special

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a-terrific-tint-cool Summer is approaching and that Souther California Heat is on its way. Do not wait until your car’s interior has reach 150 degrees this summer to consider window tint. Come down to the shop today and take advantage of our early summer discount pricing.

So stay cool this summer with some high quality LLumar window tint installed by the pros at A Terrific Tint in Mission Viejo, CA

Keep your Car Cool with Window Tint,

A Terrific Tint

Top 10 Reasons For Limo Tint

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Here are the top 10 reasons as to why you would “limo tint” your windows. Limo Tint is the darkest shad of film applied to all windows. It is Illegal in the state of California. These are just a joke, their are legitimate reasons for “limo tint” but these will be good for a laugh.

10) One day your going to be famous! So you better start practicing hiding from the paparazzi now. Plus the dark windows make your Lady Gaga CD bump harder

9) Your a Vampire or your crush on Twilights Robert Pattinson is so big that you have suddenly become photosensitive

8) Your Tiger Woods and you need to hide all your mistresses and facial bruises

7) Your Exhaust was not attracting enough attention from the fuzz

6) Your Prone to driving the wrong way down the the I-5 and the oncoming cars headlights give you a headache. (sorry Nicole Richie)

5) Its not limo tint I just havent cleaned my windows in a really long time

4) I have a rare skin disease that requires me to stay out of the sun officer, and that weed is prescribed for the same condition :)

3) I need something to complement the new 24 inch rims and tires I put on my civic.

2) You drive a limo.

1) Your career as an informant for the mob didn’t go as planned.

Have a great day 8)

A Terrific Tint

Orange County’s Window Tint Experts

Wrong Phone Number On Google

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I would like to personally apologize to any customers who have called the 1-800 phone number that comes up for our Mission Viejo Google Local Listing. The number leads to a scam artist glass company that was using our physical address and URL on their local listing. As a result Google merged our listings and kept the 800# associated with our business. We are working diligently on getting this fixed, hopefully we will have a resolution soon. Our correct phone number is 949.365.9092

I urge any one who has called the number “do not” get your windows tinted by this company. They are a shady mobile glass outfit and they do not know how to tint.  They are attempting to sully our good business name with their deceptive practices. We stand for the highest quality in window tint and it is shame full to have our business associated in any way with a company that would use such deceiving tactics.

Thank you for choosing A Terrific Tint for your window tinting needs and we hope this error on the behalf of Google has not caused any of our loyal customers too much trouble.

Stay “Terrific” Orange County

How to Protect your Skin From Cancer Causing UV

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Hot_sun_isolatedWe all love to feel happy and healthy out in the beautiful California sun, but when it comes to protecting your skin from cancer causing UV rays you can never be too careful. In the United States alone more than a million cases of skin cancer are reported annually, among these  are a reported 60,000 cases of deadly malignant melanoma.

White males ages 50 and over have the highest instances of  reported melanoma, but the damage to their skin that caused this cancer is largely a result of  sun damage that occurred in the patients 20’s and 30’s.

Because of this it is very important that we take every preventative measure to protect our skin and our families from harsh UV. We live in a very sunny climate where cancer causing rays are present daily. According to board-certified dermatologist William Heimer, M.D from San Diego “Every photon of light can lead to a wrinkle, brown spot, or cancer” Doctor Heimer says that “Protecting your skin should be an everyday thing, like brushing your teeth”

Here at A Terrific Tint we care about your skin and protecting it from cancer causing rays, that is why we carry and recommend UV Shield From LLumar the only window film guaranteed to stop 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays. The good news is that this film is the only legal film in California for driver and passenger front side doors. Driver side windows are the leading culprit of sun damage from driving. Studies show that in America sun-damage is more prominent on the left side of our body, this is a direct result of damage that occurs while driving.

Submit a quote today and get on the road to protecting your self and your family from harmful UVA and UVB.

Here are some tips you can employ to help protect your skin and prevent deadly melanoma.

Keep Your Skin at 4 and 10

It only takes five moderate to sever sunburns in your life time to double your risk of getting skin cancer. To protect your self be sure to take necessary sun abatement and protection steps during the hours the sun’s more potent UVB rays are at their highest (generally between 10am and 4pm). During theses hours cover up, wear sun screen and tint your windows to prevent drive time sun damage that occurs while sitting in California freeway traffic.

Two Coats For Safety

When you are applying sunscreen opt for two coats rather than the standard single coat. Think of applying sunscreen as you would painting. The first coat is a primer and the second gets you good full coverage. Always spreed sunscreen on the entire surface of the skin. Do not use anything lower than SPF 15 and look for sunscreen with Mexoryl SX a compound that keeps sunscreen from degrading in the sun. Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before your expected sun exposure and reapply every 2 hours. At a minimum be sure to apply SPF lotion or makeup to your face daily.

SPF Your Cloths

Typical clothing only has a average SPF of 5. Cotton and other fabrics make very poor sun blocks. If you are going to be out in the sun for extended periods of time for example out on a round of golf wear clothing with built in SPF or opt for a laundry aid like sunguard that is applied directly to your wash helping increase clothing’s SPF to 30.

Get your Caffeine Fix

Recent medical studies have shown that caffeine and exercise are affective in lowering your risk of UVB induced non-melanoma skin cancer. Caffeine enhances your body’s ability to fight off damaged cells. Your daily cup of Joe might just help your body eliminate precancerous cells from your skin.

Tint Your Windows

Tinting your car, home, office or boat windows can help protect you when you are at your most vulnerable. We all know to protect our self’s when we are spending a day at the beach or when we go swimming, but when you are at home, work or driving you are often unprotected. UV protection window film applied to your glass surfaces is a effective way to reduce your UV sun exposure and protect your skin.

A New Winner The Most Expensive Car We Have Tinted

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Black Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMGHere at A Terrific Tint we have a new winner in the most expensive car we have tinted category……..
Today we had the pleasure of tinting the new beautifully crafted 2010 Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG sports car!
As always we performed a top class tint job fit for the highest quality machines on the planet. Here at a terrific tint we appreciate perfection and we strive to achieve just that with every job we perform no matter how big or small.
Here are some of the cars stats below

2010 M/B SL65 AMG Black
Carbon Fiber everywhere
663 HP
220 MPH + but limited to 199 MPH by the computer
11:60 123 Quarter (then it really starts flying)
Only 175 sold in the USA this year.
$300,000 price tag
+ Tax and license………
Black Mercedes-Benz 2010 SL65 AMG2010 M/B SL65 AMG tinted
Have a Terrific Day!

What does your tint shop say about your service?

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White GTO TintedWhen it comes to getting your car’s windows tinted, there are many factors to consider before choosing a window tinter.

Location, convenience, mobile service, reputation, service and many other factors come into play in your decision process.

One factor that is always a good indicator of a tinters quality of work is a visit to the physical location of the shop you are considering.

Professional tint shops know that having a clean physical location is important to providing a top class window tint job.

You need to consider a few factors before getting your windows tinted to ensure that you are getting a professional, high quality tint job. Here are some features of a professional tint shop.


A clean, dust-free environment is integral to a good tint job. Look for a shop that is kept clean, dust free, and separate from other automotive services. You cannot properly tint a car without a dust–controlled shop. Dust particles and hair show up as silver dots the next day.

Although a tinter who doesnt work in a shop’s skills can be just as good as those who work in a shop, they have little control over the environment limiting their ability to perform a flawless job


The best tint shops all use precision computer cut window tint. The window tint is cut in the shop using a computer-guided plotter that cuts the film to the exact specifications of your vehicle. This eliminates the need for the tint technician to take a razor blade to the interior of your car to trim the access film. Many tinters do not use precision computer cut film. All of their film is cut the old fashioned way with a basic razor blade, exposing your interior to potential harm.


Will the tinter be accountable for their work? Is the tinter licensed? Do they have insurance? Many  tinter’s operate without proper licensing and insurance.

What good is a service guarantee or warranty if you are unable to track down the tinter who performed your sub par tint job? We have customers come into our shop all of the time with stories of how they were unable to get the tinter they used to come back and repair mistakes, chips or cracks in their film.

How long will they be in business? How do you know that you are not dealing with a fly- by- night organization? Tint shops that do not have a long history of doing business or are in low lease areas or lacking a physical location can easily pick up and move shop, or just simply change their name and go on conducting business under a new name.

Be sure to check credentials and look for a reputable shop with a long history of doing business in the area.


An unprofessional tint shop will not be able to schedule a dependable appointment. Often times you will get a service time window: “We will be done between 8 am and 2 pm”. If you are like me, you probably don’t like to plan your day around your service person’s schedule.

Professional window tint shops have precise schedules and operational efficiencies that allow them to schedule appointments and provide on time service.


We Want Your FeedBack!

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Black Car tintHere at A Terrific Tint we always put the customer first. To continue to provide our customers with the best window tint at the best price we would like all of our customers to provide us some feedback on our service. 

Please visit your favorite review site bellow  and tell us what you though about A Terrific Tint?

Judy’s Book: 





Thank you and keep enjoying that beautiful Llumar tint.


A terrific tint

Super Chevy Car Show at California Speedway

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At this years Super Chevy Car Show at California Speedway on 3/28 & 3/29 A Terrific Tint was out for a fun weekend with family and friends.

It was a great experience and we where actually luck enough to walk away with some awards!


A special thanks to all of our friends and family who have supported us through the years.

Awards Received:

  • The gold 1972 Chevelle Malibu – 1st place Street Class
  • The red 1966 Chevelle Regal -   1st place Stock Chevelle
  • The 1970 El Camino SS ran a 11.90’s in the 1/4 mile in bracket #2
Enjoy the upcoming summer with your family and friends. Enjoy the photos below! 
A Terrific Tint


GG Grandmas Gold 1972 SS Chevelle Malibu

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A great video of my grandma’s GG’s Gold 1972 SS Chevelle Malibu  produced by my good friend Sam Ashfar at Bio DVD

Just a reminder to enjoy your family and all that is special this Easter. Hope you enjoy the video. And remember keep it cool!
A Terrific Tint

CPFilms(R) Launches New LLumar(R) Auto Windscreen Film

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CPFilms(R) Launches New LLumar(R) Auto Windscreen Film


ST. LOUIS, October 14 /PRNewswire/ –

- New Technology Protects from Solar Radiation and Lowers Cabin Temperature Without Reducing Visibility

Solutia Inc.’s (NYSE: SOA) CPFilms(R) subsidiary, the world leader in glass treatment film, today announced the launch of AIR Blue automobile windscreen film under its global LLumar(R) brand. AIR Blue dramatically reduces irreversible damage to human skin and vehicle interiors due to harmful ultraviolet (UV), visible, and infrared (IR) rays that penetrate ordinary window glass, while keeping the vehicle significantly cooler.

“While other films employ very dark tinting to achieve similar levels of solar energy rejection, AIR Blue’s color is light enough to meet visible light transmission laws for windscreens in most countries worldwide,” said Rainer Bechtold, global category director, automotive, CPFilms. “With AIR Blue in place, the vehicle and its occupants will be shielded from the effects of solar radiation, and the cabin surfaces will be cooler as well.”

Testing in harsh climates has demonstrated that installing AIR Blue film can keep a vehicle’s interior surfaces as much as 16 C (30 F) cooler when compared to an unprotected vehicle. This temperature reduction not only increases comfort, but it also reduces the use of a vehicle’s cooling system – helping to decrease fuel consumption. AIR Blue film also offers a high degree of optical clarity and low reflectivity, so it will not impede night driving vision.

“AIR Blue provides the ultimate in comfort and protection as well as an elegant look,” said Lisa Winckler, director, product development and technology, CPFilms. “With the advanced electronic systems in today’s vehicles, it is imperative that a window film allow optimum performance at all frequencies. AIR Blue achieves this standard, ensuring no signal interference from popular devices such as radios, GPS, keyless entry, cell phones and navigation devices.”

The unique technology used to produce AIR Blue (AIR80BLSRHPR) makes it the most state-of-the-art automotive film today. The film provides a proprietary non-metallized, non-conductive ceramic technology film with maximum heat rejection, maximum ultra-violet rejection, excellent optical clarity, and scratch- and corrosion-resistant properties.

Product Specifications (Solar Properties*):

Visible Light Transmittance: 78%
Total Solar Energy Rejected: 43%     
Visible Light Reflected: 9%     
Ultraviolet Rejected: 99.9 %     
Infrared Transmission (1600 Nanometers): <11%>