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Sadie Girl Paulin
Oct 06, 1998 – March 29, 2010

Our beloved Jack Russell Terrier passed away peacefully this morning in my lap on our back patio.

She had been recently diagnosed with an inoperable cancer tumor in her abdomen and we knew her time with us was limited. She never suffered or complained and was sweet and loving to the end.

Sadie came to us joyfully in 1998 when Tracie and I were in Palmdale California purchasing a classic car to restore. Tracie was in the house visiting with the wife while I was out in the garage talking cars with the husband. As we were leaving I told her we had just purchased a car and she informed me we had also just purchased a puppy. The people with the car for sale also had a litter of Jack Russell puppies. Tracie picked the only female and the one with the longest legs. A few weeks later we took Sarah and Shaun back and picked up our new family member, Sadie, when she was 8 weeks old.

Sadie took to our family as fast as we took to her (on the ride home!) She was house broken the 2nd day home (true!) and unless she was ill never had an accident in the house. We easily trained her to respect the property boundaries and she never left our yard without being told she could. She loved to patrol the back yard non-stop looking for varmints to eliminate. That was her passion and she was true to her genes. She could spend entire afternoons going back and forth checking every bush and corner.

One of her loves was jumping into our spa and swimming around barking – but only if the jets and bubbles were turned on. If the spa was off she had no interest in it. She would get in and out and bark with joy until she was exhausted as long as the jets were on.

Sadie went to work with me every day (M-F) and was my vice-president of customer relations. She personally greeted most of the thousands of customers I have had the last ten years. She was also in many of the pictures of our happy customers and their cars. It was not uncommon for customers to come back in days or weeks later just to say “hi” or give her a treat. Not to see me – to see Sadie. She always enjoyed doing tricks for everyone including rolling over, shaking hands and dancing on her hind legs. She took her greeter responsibilities very seriously and the bell on the front door always brought her running from where ever she was in the shop. Sadie also knew how to beg a treat whenever someone was eating lunch – she would sneak out the back door and into other shops in the building and make regular rounds at lunch time for tasty snacks. Everyone in the building loved her.

Sadie knew and understood sooo many words and conversations going on around her and we were always amazed at her intellect. She was truly a valued family member. It would be easy to write 3-4 more pages on how smart she was but if you knew her you already understand and if you did not it would just seem like parents bragging.

She was the smartest dog we have had the pleasure to share love and life with and she will be missed.

Give you family and pets extra hugs this week - life is short and precious.

We know all dogs go to Heaven and hope He enjoys her as much as we did.

Jeff & Tracie
Sarah & Shaun

Jack Russell Terrier
V.P. of Customer Relations

Sadie - Saying, "Please!" for a dog treat.

Sadie - Dancing.

Sadie - Rolling over...one of her favorite tricks!

Sadie - Waiting to greet our next customer.

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