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Window Tint

Window tint doesn't have to be dark to protect.What is Window Tint?
Window tint, also called window film is a transparent ceramic, plastic or metallic composite film laminate, which is applied to the interior facing auto glass surface.

Automobile window tinting reduces heat and glare by reducing the visible light transmission (VLT) through a car’s windows.

Why Use Window Tint?
There is a multitude of reasons why you would desire to put window tint on your cars windows. Here are some typical reason why you would use window tint on your car.

• Solar heat reduction
• UV protection
• Privacy
• Safety and security
• Aesthetic applications
• Heat retention
• Reduce driving glare
• Reduce fading of car interiors
• Bonds itself to glass to help hold shattered glass in place in the event of breakage

Statistics show that American drivers develop skin cancer more frequently on their left side. This is a direct result of sun exposure experienced while operating. Increasingly damage from our harsh sun is resulting in skin cancer.

"One in five Americans will develop skin cancer within their lifetime."

Properly installed LLumar window tint with UVshield will effectively reduce harmful UVA/UVB exposure while driving. Protect your skin with window tint from Llumar.


The instillation process is deceptively hard. If window tinting is not properly installed you risk bubbling, cracking, or pealing. The degree of difficulty in window tinting increases when you are dealing with a curved glass surface like car windows. Auto glass tinting requires judicious care when cutting, sizing and shaping window film to properly adhere to curved glass surface.

The professionals at A Terrific Tint a well trained in tinting all makes and models of cars. To insure a perfect tint job every time A Terrific Tint uses a computer guided plotter to cut all window film to the exact specifications of your car.

Removing your window tint from your car can be a very tricky procedure that is best left to a professional. Depending on which window and how the tint was installed the level of difficulty to remove window tint varies.

Old tint will crack and peal inconstantly making for a long tedious job. Fresh tint still has strong glue bonds and is usually composed of two layers. So when you try to peal of the film the top layer will usually pull off but the second layer will remain. The second layer will not peel off, it will just flake and tears like a price tag.

Professional installed tint is usually adhered to the glass surface with either the door panel or glass window removed to assure full coverage. With out proper training a Novice will risk damaging the door panel or auto glass resulting in a failed job.

Because of the headaches associated with window tint removal we always recommend coming to our shop for a low cost tint removal service.

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