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Whether it’s the family vehicle or the sports car you’ve wanted since you got your license, your car deserves the best. Window tinting allows you to enhance your vehicle’s look and feel while improving your driving experience by reducing visual distractions and glares, offering additional privacy, and UV protection to reduce heat for a cooler interior.

Terrific Tint values the love and respect you have for your vehicle, which is why we offer superior quality window tinting services to fit your lifestyle and budget.


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Stop Into our new location to get yours today!

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LLumar IRX Window Tint

Coolest and premium throughout. Infrared-rejecting ceramic tint is our most advanced automotive tinting service option. This top-quality service uses IR-Blocking Technology to keep your vehicle interior cooler than any other tinting option.

Llumar CTX Window Tint

Smart and full-featured. Ultra-advanced Ceramic Window Tint uses nano-technology to tame heat, glare, and UV rays. This smart and full-featured line of window tints provides premium performance without interfering with signals for your GPS, keyless entry, satellite radio, smartphones and other devices.

Llumar ATC Window Tint

Smart, Sleek and Stylish, Dyed Window Tints allow for a chic design aesthetic while offering varying levels of heat and UV-blocking protection for your automotive interior.

Take cover from the sun, without going darker in shade.  99.9% UV Blocking Clear Tint shields your interior from the sun and UV rays while allowing you a free, clear, unobstructed view through your windows. Available tints include Air 80, a ceramic tint with 43% heat rejection and 99% UV protection, and UV Shield, with 99.9% UV Protection.

To give our customers the best tinting experience possible, we carry and recommend a specific Window Film that is legal in California for the drivers and passengers front side windows. You will receive a manufacturer’s “Certificate of Compliance” that your car’s window tinting is legal in California if you chose this film for your two front door windows. We will be happy to show it to you when you come in and it is part of our presentation on shades and colors that help you decide which tint to have us install on your vehicle.

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